Q: Can I get a recording of my individual session with Salini?

 A: The process of recording and uploading individual sessions will no longer be offered by Salini. If you wish to record your session with her, you have her permission to do so.

Q: How are sessions done?   

A: When you book a session, a Zoom link is automatically generated at the time of your booking. If you do not have Zoom capabilities, just let us know (saliniasst@gmail.com) and Salini will be happy to conduct your session via phone.   Please be sure to provide this information when you book the session on the booking form.

Q: Do you offer any discounted services packages?

A: We offer 3-package and 5-package bundles that provide a savings over booking individual sessions. Please contact the scheduling assistant by email (saliniasst@gmail.com) to obtain additional information and pricing. Your sessions will be scheduled by the scheduling assistant after your purchase has been completed.

Q: How will I know if/when my Puja has been completed and do I receive a video or audio?

A: No video or audio of the sacred puja ceremony itself is available. Pujas are done by Salini, on a sacred, auspicious day when the energies and planetary alignments are best. It is never on a set date as Salini needs a whole day to do many pujas and that fluctuates according to her schedule and the planetary alignments. You should receive an email within 2 weeks of completion advising you that your Puja been completed. New pujas are coming for 2022.

Q: I booked the Long Distance Reiki session. Do I get a call at the appointment time? What else do I need to know?

A: Long Distance Reiki is a powerful healing session that takes place from a distance through the quantum field. Salini needs your photo to work on you. A 15 minute zoom in the beginning of the session with Salini is included and a zoom link will be sent to you. Salini then performs the healing with a follow-up report. If would like to prepare for the session, you can: drink some water, put some frankincense on your crown and third eye chakra, relax in a quiet, comfortable place, remove your technology devices, and ask your angels and guides to be present and aid in your healing. Set your intent to be healed and open yourself to receive healing.