Welcome to the LOVE TRIBE!

My goal for all of us is to create a loving, supportive community connecting heart-centered people who believe in love, freedom, unity, truth, harmony, abundance, new paradigms, holistic projects, energy awakenings, 5D, self-healing, joy, and a ton of other cool things that bring people together in the new Aquarian Age. 

Here in the LOVE TRIBE I want people to feel welcomed, connected, and safe to share their truth, heal and grow together with others striving for awakening and grace in chaotic times. I hope you will join us! 

When you join the LOVE TRIBE as a paid member, you become a LIGHT BEINGCurrently there is only one level of paid membership – LIGHT BEINGThat level includes exclusive content, member readings, interviews, live Q & A’s, live zooms and more. But you can be a FREE MEMBER of the website if you wish and enjoy the videos, content and livestreams that are open to all.

If you decide to cancel your membership at any point, please notify us by sending an email via the contact form on our website at salini.love. This will enable our staff to remove your credit card information. Please note that you will continue to be charged unless you notify us, as our system will not automatically remove you. Thank you for your support!


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