Q: Where does Reiki come from? Is it from God or somewhere else?
A: Reiki is God’s Divine Energy and comes directly from God and nowhere else. Everything in the Universe is made up of Divine Energy. It is in people, plants, animals, trees, everything. It empowers every living thing. We always have access to it. We just need to ask God to direct it into action in our bodies for healing and it answers to God’s direction.

Q: I have booked the Long Distance Reiki. Do I get a call at the appointment time? What else do I need to know?
A: Long Distance Reiki is a powerful healing session that takes place energetically. No phone call or Zoom is needed for this type of service (you will not receive a phone call), just email your photo beforehand as requested to saliniasst@gmail.com.

Long Distance Reiki is thought to be as powerful or more so than an in-person session. It is not necessary for you to make any adjustments to your time or schedule for the healing to take place.

If you have the time and space and would like to prepare your body, mind and spirit more for the session, you can: drink lots of water (before and after), find a quiet place where you are comfortable, distance yourself from technology devices (not in the same room), and ask your angels and guides to be present and aid in whatever you need to get the most out of your session. Setting an intent is also a powerful mechanism for healing