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Welcome Jedi Warriors! You’ve made a wise choice today. You are about to learn how to take control of your own energy! For millennia outside forces such as sorcerers, adepts, aliens, fallen angels, demonic spirits and many others, have taken over the use of human energy and human bodies for their own purposes. These dark forces seek to parasite your energy and your soul essence to enhance their own position, wealth, or skills of many kinds to gain power over the world and over your life. They know how, and will use your own personal divine power and gifts, against you. They will use it to push you down and gain footing above you and over you in this realm of life. You have the power to stop this.

We enter the era of Aquarian Age spiritual technology….where humans learn of many advanced powers they have, and how to utilize them to better their lives. Jedi Warriorship is one of those spiritual technologies. You will find many more in my Divine Mother Ascension Mystery School.

Why do the dark beings do this you may ask? These beings have come to take over your divine birthright, soul essence and even your DNA to take your place on Earth. They want to live on Earth. To do this they have to convince you to give them your power, to give up your gifts and soul essence to them, even to relinquish your bodies. They are not allowed to take it without your consent; that is Divine Law. But most humans are unaware of Divine Law. Thus they must trick you, lure you, convince you, persuade you, delude you, confuse you or some other method to cajole you to give up your power. To that end they have created a myriad of methods to forever steal your divine energy which have been perfected over thousands of years. This is the essence of black magic, secret teachings and mysterious priesthoods of ancient times. Their ultimate goal is to take over human DNA, create their own version of humans that they can control, and take Earth for themselves and for their race to live on.

We will not allow this to happen. As a Jedi Warrior, once you learn how to master your energy, it will be your commitment and responsibility to stop the abuse, theft and misuse of all divine energies and human potential. You can start with yourself. How far you take it is up to you. But we need Jedi Warriors desperately to finish the battle for Earth! And I believe you are here today to claim your power, birthright and true soul purpose. That begins with reclaiming your own soul power and light. I think you answered The Call….the call for light warriors to save Earth. And you have to fight for that light, for Mother Earth, for the human race. You chose to become a Jedi Warrior today, you are needed. You have a purpose. I’ll show you how….

It’s mandatory to your survival on Earth to learn to how to keep control of your own divine energy and soul essence. Once you have learned to work with your energy, you can deflect any and all attacks from external forces. You will learn to transmute dark energy, protect yourself and your loved ones, and create protection and serenity around yourself. You can use it for your personal healing and protection, or you can become a Warrior of light in the world.

However you begin to use your divine energy, a Jedi Warrior never seeks to misuse, abuse or take advantage in any way of someone else’s divine energy. The moment you choose to do that, you would sacrifice your power in this world. We are here to help, heal and give service, never to experiment with another human’s energy or power. Remember that and take it to heart. I do not want anyone using my lessons from my many lifetimes of energy mastery to harm another. We are here to ascend, love and heal…pure and simple.

We came to save humanity! Let’s get started…!