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Please join my coconut smashing ceremony for releasing your karma and accelerating your Ascension. Purchase this and send your picture to me and you will be included in the ceremony! Next Coconut Smashing Ritual – July 25, 2021

Salini will be conducting a Coconut Smashing ritual for anyone interested in healing past karma. You do not need to be part of her school, a website member or live near her. It is for everyone and is effective anywhere on Earth.

Coconuts are a divine fruit with ascended spiritual powers. They act as surrogates for people.

Coconut Smashing is an ancient ritual for releasing karma practiced in Hindu ceremonial rituals. Coconuts have given themselves to humanity for sacred rituals. Please listen to the video and follow instructions. This ceremony will be performed on April 25th, 2021. Salini does the coconut ritual regularly and there will be another one soon.

It’s not necessary to be present for this ceremony. Salini will be performing it alone and it will release your karma of anyone who purchases this ceremony and sends me their picture. It’s important to understand that karma is released over the span of many lifetimes and this ceremony releases some but not all of your karma. For more advanced karmic releases, Salini will be offering other ceremonies, pujas & rituals that will speed your Ascension.

Please send Coconut Smashing proof of purchase with your photo to emergingfromthematrix@gmail.com. Join me in releasing your karma and moving into your Light Body and Ascension!