Emerging From The Matrix

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Salini's book

heart Salini’s book is a deeply spiritual, politically incisive and powerfully truthful in-depth observation of the current global situation and the oppressive forces arrayed against Earth and Her people. Yet it is also full of love, hope and true stories of people she has healed along the way. Salini finds her way through the illusory maze of the matrix to the light at the end of the tunnel. She holds the lantern high for everyone to light the way out of the dark and into the light of Creator’s love. She has created a pathway of stepping stones for people to follow towards spiritual awakening and healing at their own pace. The reader feels supported on their journey to awakening throughout the process of reading her book and undertaking her healing steps. This book is for all of humanity featuring a universal blueprint for bringing balance and wholeness back to Mother Earth and liberating humanity into a higher consciousness.


And inside my soul I cried the agonizing wail from deep within my very breast, where I kept my secret self, where the Great Woman lived. And my breast spoke to me. Her life force rose up to tell me her story, the story of all women who had gone before me and lived inside my breast’s cellular tissue memory, deep in my DNA. I heard her wracking sob… finally. It was an ancient sound, a roar that reverberated throughout the ages, but was forever silenced. Yet it was I who was hearing her call now. I heard all her many and varied voices…the steady drumbeat of the indigenous Native women of all corners of the Earth as they are swallowed by “progress”, denied, re-programmed and crushed underfoot….the soft, lilting whispers of weeping Asian women of old…bound, silenced and worked to death, their silky skins and flowery faces melting into the landscape to create new bouquets for the next man…….then I heard the Highland pipes of Falkirk and the fairy winds of County Clare that carry the long-sleeping magic of Scots and Celts through their watery tears of sorrow…green were their auras but blood red were their hearts so often broken on the morrow…….right quick then came the rhythmic clanking and strong, gospel song of the African mothers who carry not just their babes, but all the world’s babes in their arms covered with rusty iron chains, carrying the heavy burden they do, the charcoal beauties of the Earth…..…yet even more was I to hear now the pulsing, shaking of tambourines and coins on the hips and veils around kohl-lined eyes so hypnotic and enticing, lalalalala was their cry….of a pain so deep of their magnificent power long denied hidden behind veils and lies, wiping their tears dry…..but soon came the motherly howl and mourning behind dancing fiestas of the Santa Madre who carries so many babes, so many husbands, fathers, sons and sisters to graves of poverty where they live as people of the Earth, ever joyful, ever respectful of God with crucifixes in hand as they weep….as their cries died down I began to hear the soft moans of the women of Europe wherever they had migrated, witness to many wars, diggers of many graves, bearers of many children taken in war, their voices muted by the Patriarch’s whip, their heads bowed down in sorrow awaiting the next blow…..and I heard down into the marrow of my bones the cacophony of pain, my mother bones connected to their mother bones in one great energy field of sorrow. I felt my heart surge, leap and pound as their suffering coursed through me and I struggled to process their pain, to do them justice, to honor their forgotten dreams and gifts. Give me strength Goddess to carry their pain, to bring their souls back to now and climb out of the graves of old to live out their promise anew, I prayed. …Then deep down and way off in the faintness of my DNA I heard another great sound through their cries….. I heard strength, strength to rise and mother again the babes of the world we love so much even in the face of so much pain…..I heard them ask me to rise again for them, and go forward with their hopes, wishes and love sewed into my patch-worked broken heart…

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower Quote
“This is such a beautiful piece of work, empowering the human Spirit to rise fully and overcome all the dark ages, manipulations and abuses that many of us have endured. Salini’s story is one of someone who has gone through so much more than most, and had to deal with targeting and surviving things that only a powerful spirit, leader and pioneer could get through. This book is a treasure and a huge piece towards healing and transformation on Earth.  This amazing woman is doing so much to inspire us and help us through and find our sovereignty. She will help you release yourself from spiritual bondage and step into your divinity.”

— Laura Magdalene Eisenhower