Rani discovered her gift at the age of 4, but did not yet understand what her true soul mission was or how to use her divine gifts. Mentored by psychic Fred Fassett, Fred helped Rani understand what being a psychic is and how to use her gifts to help others. Readings by Rani started in Santa Barbara, CA in 1996 and is now global. She works with children as well. Rani was featured on NBC’s The Other Side at the age of 15 as their resident teen psychic. She has worked with Police and Detectives to help aid in cold cases and works with anyone who seeks guidance in their lives.

Rani is clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. She can communicate with spirits who have passed on and help connect loved ones to the other side to help resolve unfinished issues from their earth time. She understands how sensitive this can be and does this with the utmost respect and care. Rani refers to herself as a core soul reader connecting past, present, and future to provide answers for her clients in the present moment. She does this communication through spirit guides and herself and does not use any tools, just her abilities to receive the information. Rani also does past life regressions as well as energy chakra clearing. If you are looking to resolve issues currently and need answers from beyond the earthly plane Rani is your go-to!  She believes that nothing happens by accident and that we are connected by one thread of love.



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