Salini’s message to all
Salini is a Divine Mother, Sacred Alchemist, Reiki Grandmaster, Global Visionary and Published Author here to assist with the current Grand Awakening and Ascension of Earth. Initiated by many masters of healing and awakening, Salini is also a survivor of MK Ultra sex slavery, an experience that initiated her into her divine work as a Sacred Planetary Alchemist. She is devoted to healing humanity and holding the light for all crossing the bridge from the old paradigm to the new paradigm. Salini says to everyone – “We are at the crucial turning point of spiritual evolution on Planet Earth. There can be no turning back now. We now move into the Aquarian Age of enlightenment, community, equality, abundance, love, healing & transformation. I celebrate your journey home to wholeness with all of humanity. Let’s join together in uplifting Earth to her true divine nature and spiritual potential! Each of you has a role in creating it! I can show you how…”

SaliniWe are all currently experiencing a massive spiritual awakening. Light is streaming to Earth and cleansing away the old paradigm. Something far more beautiful is being born. This is why so much chaos has developed globally. It’s like a wound healing; it gets worse before it gets better. The storm will soon end and the clouds will part to reveal a shining new world. I have walked through this dark matrix and come out the other side liberated from duality. You can too. I’ve mapped the way. I was once afraid, but am no longer. I offer you the lessons that will liberate your soul from bondage to darkness. 

Freedom is ours for the taking. Seize it.

Salini’s vision – “I saw the dark and I saw the light, together as one energy…healed… with everyone there. Everyone turned and walked to the light one by one. There was no more separation or duality.” This is what my eyes beheld within the fiery inferno of the dark side of the patriarchy…and the brilliant and peaceful realms of light as the planet healed.

These are the lessons learned as a sex slave and an initiate into love and healing. This is who I have become in dying and resurrecting myself. And this is the healing I bring for those of you still in bondage.

Join me now in entering your spiritual cocoon of transformation to discover your True Self.