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Salini is a healer, shaman, author, counselor and TV show host of the show, HEAL YOURSELF NOW on Naturally Better TV and radio host of Emerging From The Matrix at

Salini has a long career as a spiritual teacher, author and Reiki Master working with energy, counseling and soul healing to heal trauma, chronic illness, addictions, emotional blockages, ritual abuse, sexual abuse, ancient karma, mental programming and many other conditions brought to her.

She grew up in California where she was secretly ritually abused by Masons and taken into the MK-Ultra Trauma-based Mind-Control Sex Slavery program, created by Dr. Josef Mengele, and trained to be a Beta Sex Kitten Sex Slave. She was given further training in heightened mental abilities to be used at NASA or other government projects as a human computer or communicator.

Salini was born with advanced healing gifts and spiritual awareness. Her mother, who was not part of the trauma-based program, guided Salini to healers, spiritual teachers, Masters and other highly advanced spiritual individuals who assisted her to awaken her healing gifts and initiated her into Reiki and many other spiritual disciplines. This early spiritual training saved Salini’s life and placed her onto her true life path – healing, spiritual awakening, truth-speaking and breaking the matrix in preparation for the Ascension of Planet Earth.

Salini’s new book, EMERGING FROM THE MATRIX, tells her story of healing herself from near death and illness to her resurrection and triumph over evil. She details a step by step process of healing and awakening to assist everyone stepping out of the matrix and into their higher selves. Her book is now available online at Hay House, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Salini is available for individual consultations, healing and/or counseling sessions, workshops, speaking engagements or Skype consultations.

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