Are you passing through a major life transformation right now?   Does it feel like you’re being ripped apart and your guts are spilling out on the floor and no one seems to notice? Is everyone criticizing you and telling you to get your s**t together while you want to jump from the nearest bridge? Are you clueless as to what your next move is? Well, join the club.

It’s 2020 – the year of revealing. It’s happening to everyone….

The time has finally come for you to emerge from your cocoon, your personal matrix of development, bondage and illusion. The moment has arrived when your inner butterfly finally eclipses your outer unawakened caterpillar and bursts out into the fresh air….ready to show your true colors and conquer the world.

I’ll bet you didn’t know it was coming, did you?

Well, that time is now upon us, for everyone…when all the oppression, the deadness of the old paradigm, the insanity of our world leaders, the corruption of our political systems, the elitism, the devastation of Mother Earth and the barriers to global harmony finally fall away and a powerful, unified, dynamic new paradigm of love, peace and benevolence dawns.


But what does that mean for you? And what must you do now to move beyond your current state of confusion? After October, it will be much clearer to you. The year of purification ends on November 17th to be exact. During October we will experience a global shift of major proportions that will clear the decks of the forces of darkness and make way for the light to prevail.

We will see new opportunities open up, those previously denied entry into the halls of power will be celebrated and hailed, new forms of currency and commerce will be introduced, new systems of governing and leadership will rise, new forms of education and living will emerge and ecosystems will be the major form of survival on Earth. People will seek indigenous peoples to guide us in restoring the land and growing non-GMO foods.  Food shortages will occur but those who grow their own food will be able to survive the transition into the new paradigm. Processed foods will be recognized as poison and no longer will be produced or consumed as raw materials will not be easily obtained to produce them.

The USA will experience a transformation of epic proportions and will not again be the global influential leader it once was. The karma of centuries of invasions, genocide, sexism, racism and elitism have caught up to America and she must experience the energetic return to balance as the circle of violence and theft she visited upon so many nations returns to her, much like Nazi Germany did after World War II.

But all is not bleak. It’s going to be ok. The younger generations bring much wisdom, spiritual power and innovation to the table for the whole world, America included. They will lead the transformation and create new ways of living, doing business and sharing goods and resources. The world will become a melting pot of diversity and those still holding onto values of racism, duality and separation will find no safe harbor. They will be left behind for good as we unify, harmonize, balance and heal our Mother, the Earth and all her people.

Do not fear. Your place is assured in this transformation. You were born for this time, for this transformation and for this beautiful new paradigm. The question is…what is your role in it?


Each of you was born with a Soul Contract, an assignment from our Universal Creator to contribute something to this special time in Universal history. You may not remember it but it’s there, inside you. Look for it.

Begin the process of going deep within, feel the changes taking place inside of you, honor your deeper awareness and truth, listen to your Higher Self and let that voice guide you to a new way of living. Ride the Cosmic Wave of Transformation into the Aquarian Paradigm and find your soul’s true purpose.

I am always there with you helping, guiding and loving you through every step, every stage of your awakening.  If you need help, check out my book, EMERGING FROM THE MATRIX, available online or at my website,

I send you love and blessings for your journey home to your soul’s Oneness and True Purpose.


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